Semien X Mobile Model Studio

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Why use pocketppv?

There are so many apps and sites that allow people to interact with each other, so why should you use pocketppv? If you are a performer, or someone who wants to interact with your fans, and be paid for those interactions, then there is only one obvious choice.

First ever peer-to-peer video conferencing app where you can receive payments for a call. All you need is a smart phone, and a Paypal account or bank account, and you are ready to get paid for your video call.

  • No need to sign up for memberships, calls are paid for in real-time.
  • Performers can choose how much they charge per min and keep up to 70%.
  • Performer sends invites to interested viewers, once paid they begin the call.
  • Video calls are encrypted and go directly to your device, nothing is stored.

Paid Video Calls

Monetize Social Media

Use your existing social media networks to reach potential clients.

Minimal Fees

Make up to 70%. Keep more of the money you genrate.

Bi-Weekly Payouts

Bi-Weekly payments direct to your Paypal or bank account for completed calls.

No Sign-up

There is no sign-up process for your caller. You send your viewer a link, they pay, then the call starts.

Absolute Privacy

All video conferences are peer-to-peer. Nothing is stored. The site is just used to process the payments and route the call.

Go Wireless

Hold calls anywhere, anytime from your smart phone as long as you have data or wifi.